I love being a dad. One of the greatest things about fatherhood is that it gives you a glimpse of how God the Father views us.

I didn’t really know what unconditional love was until I saw my newborn daughter for the first time. No matter how much she cried, screamed, or pooped everywhere, I couldn’t help but love her.

Don’t get me wrong – kids can be frustrating. They’re irrational, impatient, and stubborn. But, recently I had this realization – I am irrational, impatient, and stubborn.

How many times have I ignored reason and sinned against God?

How often do I know that something is wrong and bad for me, but I do it anyway?

How often do I pray to God and get angry when He doesn’t do things my way? Or when He doesn’t do things on my time? 

We are flawed. We’re hard to deal with. We’re frustrating. We sin. But, God the Father continues to love, to forgive, to wait for us.

Last week, my daughter, now two, was being particularly stubborn with eating dinner. Now, I can match her stubbornness (she has to get it from somewhere, right?). Neither of us was backing down, but I could tell my wife was not too thrilled. So, I gave in. A little tongue-and-cheek, I said, “You’re lucky you have a merciful father.” Then, I realized the irony of what I said.

We’re both lucky to have a merciful Father.

Be the Men.

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