A lot of these daily emails are written to help raise awareness, not only awareness about ourselves as men, but also what’s going on in the world around us. Today’s is the latter.

Catholics are finding themselves in a more and more hostile climate. It seems like in the world today you can be anything under the sun and it’s acceptable – except Catholic. Catholics are accused of being bigots. Professing the faith is hate speech. And, believing in sin is intolerance.

Tolerance – such a buzzword today. But what does it really mean to tolerate?

Tolerance is enduring ideas that you disagree with.

There are two important parts to that definition. 1. Enduring. Tolerance is not accepting everyone else’s opinions as true or even as equal. We endure as in we accept that other people can and have opinions. Looking at it in the negative, intolerance is then forcing your view on someone or silencing their opinion (you’re not enduring their view). 2. Ideas you disagree with. To be tolerant, you first have to disagree. You don’t tolerate things you agree with, that just sounds silly. You don’t tolerate beautiful weather.

So, you can disagree with someone and still be tolerant. It’s actually a necessity in acting tolerant.

This issue in our country is very complex (and very political), but I bring all this up because it’s a reminder for us as Catholics to ask ourselves – how do we treat others and their opinions and views? Do we recognize absolute truths or fall into the traps of relativism?

And secondly, we must remember that no matter the hot button issues in our country today – the Church has always taught – hate the sin, not the sinner.


Be the Men.

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