In last month’s issue of Summons (check it out here), I wrote an article titled, Grave Danger. While writing this article, I learned something that I wanted to share because I think it’s helpful to all of us fighting in this spiritual war.

One of the concepts that I touched on in Grave Danger actually has a name. It’s called Fundamental Option Theory.

I’m sure not many, if any, of us have heard of it by this formal name. But, the theory is very prevalent in our culture today.

The theory states that our actions don’t necessary matter as long as the fundamental direction of our life is directed towards God.

As a result, many who adhere to this theory rationalize sin, claiming that they’re fundamentally still ordered toward God.

It’s the classic: “I’m not that bad. I mean I haven’t killed anyone.” Or, “I’m generally a good person…

Let us not forget – there is no place for sin in Heaven, and that means there is no place for sin in our lives.

Mortal sin is a very grave matter, and with our eternal home on the line, it should not be taken lightly.


Be the Men,



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