The following is taken from Lift Up Your Heart by John Burns:

A Chinese proverb tells about three demons that were brought before Satan. Satan asked them to present a new strategy for deceiving humanity. The first demon spoke up and said, “Master, we will tell them God does not exist.” Satan looked at him and said, “That was once a good idea, but we have tried it for ages. It has worked, but not well enough.” The second demon stepped forward slowly and said, “Rather, Master, we will tell them that we do not exist.” Satan responded, “Much better, but we have tried that as well. More effective, but not enough.” The third demon then stepped forward and said, “Master, my strategy is quite simple. We will just tell them to do it tomorrow… whatever it is.” Satan looked at them, smiled, and said, “Go!”


While this is just a proverb, it calls to mind a dark reality – and that’s the existence of the Devil and his demons. There’s a lot to talk about with this topic, but for today, let’s keep it simple. As we reflect on our day, and look for how God acts in our lives, we must also be aware of the times when the Devil is acting in our lives. Any three of the strategies above (or others) could be how Satan is attempting to stifle our faith. Satan knows that he doesn’t necessarily need to win souls to himself, he just needs to keep souls from God. And this is where complacency can be a powerful weapon for the Devil.

To wrap up, John Burns re-emphasizes the context for us: “Christianity is a religion whose founder was killed because he challenged people to get up out of their comfortable ways… to start living real charity.”

Be the Men.

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