There’s something about saying “I told you so.” As a father of a stubborn two year old, I ‘enjoy’ it more than I’d like to admit.

It happened yesterday. My daughter was climbing all over our couch, for which we have established rules of what she can and can’t do. As I was telling her not to climb on the back of the couch, she fell and landed flat on her back, on the cushionless seat part of the couch. She was perfectly fine – just slightly scared.

Inside, I was giddy – “See! See! I told you so!” On the one hand, being right feels good. But on the other hand, that’s not the point.

I love my kids, and I want what’s best for them. And, we have a Father in Heaven who wants the same, in fact so much more, for us.

But, our Father, doesn’t point fingers, he doesn’t say I told you so. He just loves us. He truly wants what’s best for us, not for His benefit but for ours. And not only that, but he gives us a shining example of what it means to be a Father, and also a Son.

Let us learn from Him. Because, I’ll be the first to admit – even though I’m a dad, I’m still a stubborn kid.


Be the Men,




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