There’s a running problem that my wife and I have been dealing with throughout our marriage… my wife doesn’t drink enough water.

Some afternoons, she’ll tell me that she just feels awful, has headaches, is lethargic, etc.

I’ll then ask, “Have you drank any water today?” You can guess the answer. (It’s No).

There’s an underlying issue to my wife’s problem. It’s not that she doesn’t like water, or can’t remember to drink it, it’s that she doesn’t recognize when she’s starting to get dehydrated.

My wife has grown accustomed to feeling foggy. And, it’s not her fault. So often, she’s busy with the kids that she doesn’t even realize she feels bad until it gets real bad.

I don’t bring this up to criticize my wife’s water drinking habits, but to use it as an analogy.

There’s a parallel here for life. Often we become accustomed to vices, to evil thoughts, to jealousy, to holding a grudge, to sin in our lives.

We become accustomed to the haze. We forget what it feels like to be hydrated.

But, as our bodies need water, our souls need refreshed.

Whether that’s morning prayer, the sacraments, reading Scripture, or simply spending time in silence each day. We need time to assess what’s going on in our hearts and minds, and then take the necessary action.


Be the Men,



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