I recently heard an interesting thought come up in a podcast. It more or less boiled down to this idea – to truly grow in virtue, we must first experience vice.

Vices test and challenge us, and they also give us an opportunity to grow in virtue.

We often think that because we suffer from a certain vice, we’re never going to be able to master the opposing virtue.

I’m too impatient to be patient. I’m too sexual to live a chaste life. 

We think that virtues are something that we can only be born with. Sure, some people might have a more patient temperament. But to truly grow in patience, we must be tested. We must experience impatience.

Again, this is not an excuse to go out and test the ‘vice waters.’ In reality – we don’t need to. We all face vices. We’re all subjected and tested by impatience, pride, lust, etc. What needs to change is how we respond in these situations.

The hottest fire makes the strongest steel. 


Be the Men,



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