When we hear of a friend in need, whether it’s a big surgery or even a stressful time at work, how often is our first response, “I’ll pray for you?”

We’ll dance around it by saying “our thoughts go out to you,” or “sending good vibes your way.”

Maybe it’s a guy thing, but sometimes those words can feel so awkward – “I’ll pray for you.”

This weekend, we heard the Gospel where Jesus gives us the golden rule to love our neighbor as ourself. Love – as in to will the good of the other. How do we do that? Praying for them seems like the most obvious way.

And, it’s not just saying the words, but meaning them, and actually praying for them. Love others by genuinely hoping for the best for them.

It’s still hard, and doesn’t always come naturally.

So, that’s the challenge this week. Pray for someone you encounter during each day. It can be a spur of the moment prayer right then, or later after reviewing your day.

Be intentional about willing the good for them. This is especially important for those people who can annoy us.

“God, I pray for so and so, and will the best for them.”

Bonus points if you actually tell the person, “I’ll pray for you” and mean it.


Be the Men.