We live in a time where limitless information is at our fingertips. In particular, staying up to date with current events, whether political or in the Church, is easier than ever. But, it’s also addictive. The trap that we must be wary of is going beyond just staying informed and venturing into obsessing. 

Because let’s be honest – the world’s a crazy place right now. And, for people of faith, we look around and are baffled, shocked, disgusted, and outraged over what is being pushed as one’s beliefs and rights. On top of that, a traditional Judeo-Christian view of the world and morality seems to be the only belief system that is not tolerated today. 

In all of this, we must remember that anger, which seems to be the predominant emotion when reading news today, can be righteous. Anger can spur us to take action. But, anger with no outlet, no possible action to take is harmful. 

It hurts us to get all worked up only to let that fester inside with no constructive release. Now, we shouldn’t willing choose to be ignorant or uninformed but when we engage on social media, or read articles, or watch the news, we must exercise prudence. 

Be mindful of what is in our control, what is in our sphere of influence, where can we make a difference, when is the time to put the phone away. For all of us, it’s the people around us, it’s being present to others, engaging with actual human beings not text on a screen. That’s where we should spend our time, and give ourselves. 

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