It’s pretty safe to say, everyone wants to go to Heaven. Or, at least we think we do. But, in living our lives – Are we trying to get to Heaven? Or, trying to avoid Hell?

We often think the afterlife is this choice between Heaven or Hell, God or Satan. But, is that really the case? Will people go to Hell because they chose Satan?… Or, because they didn’t choose God? It seems like a small distinction but it’s a very important one.

Do we choose God? Yes or no.  Because if we don’t, then it doesn’t matter what you choose instead – Satan, Sex, Power, Money, Self – all of it is simply not God.

Another way to think of it is: “Eh, you know, I’m not a bad guy, generally a nice person.” But, the real question is are we good men because we don’t do bad things, or because we do good things?

Pursuing Heaven is not just about not doing bad things and avoiding Hell. It’s a choice. It’s choosing to detach ourselves from things of this world, and fully attach ourselves to God.

T.S. Eliot has a quote from one of his poems (I don’t know what he is referring to), but for us it can apply to being Men of Virtue and Saints…

“[It’s] a condition of complete simplicity, costing nothing less than everything”


Be the Men.

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