Happy Thanksgiving!

During this time of friends and family, we’re going to talk about pictures.

The next time you’re looking at a family picture or a picture of your friends or from your wedding day – take note of who you look at in the picture.

For a lot of us, we glance at everyone else but zero in on ourselves. We think, “that’s a good picture of me,” or “oh, I look heavy there,” or “my hair doesn’t look right.” When we see a picture, to us we are the star of the show. We focus on how we look in that picture.

We often care too much about our appearance in a given picture instead of reminiscing about the memory the picture represents. After all, that’s why we keep pictures, right? For the memories.

So, during this special holiday season, let’s keep that in mind when we see pictures with friends and family – remember the memories. Focus less on ourselves and more on the other people in the picture. Remember the day.

It might seem silly, but test it out. Who do you look at?

Happy Thanksgiving!

Be the Men.

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