Take a second, gather yourself, deep breath, then read the following slowly, letting the weight of the words sink in.

“I acknowledge, avow, and confess myself lawfully attainted and convicted of treason against his Divine Majesty and guilty of the death and passion of Jesus Christ because of the sins I have committed, for which sins he died and suffered the torments of the cross, so that consequently I deserve to be cast away and condemned forever.” – St. Francis De Sales

As children of God through our baptism, we have betrayed our Lord. We have broken our promises. We have sinned against Him. We have committed treason.

We so often hear that Christ died for the sins of the world – and because he died 2,000 years ago, we sometimes think that He died for someone else’s sins, a long, long time ago.

He died because of our sins. And not only that, as St. Francis tells us, we deserve condemnation. Treason is a serious crime.

But, the only reason we have to hope is because of the mercy and grace of the same Lord who was put to death by us and for us.

It is through Him that we are saved. It is under His banner that we must remain.


Be the Men,



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