“Go ahead, make my day.”

When we hear this line, most of us might immediately think of Clint Eastwood gritting his teeth in a scowl as he stares down a perp.

Well, today, we’re gonna play a little game of what if and switch things up.

What if every day, in every person we encounter we heard these words, “Go ahead, make my day.” But not in the same way that Clint uses them, but as if that person were asking us to do something to make their day, to uplift them, to make them smile. Even if it’s just one person, and we sought to make their day.

Pretty interesting idea, right? Now compound that if the person is your wife, or girlfriend, or roommate, or coworker – someone you saw every day. How powerful would that be, if every day you did all you could to make their day? Even if it’s just little things, over weeks, months, years – who knows the joy and happiness we could bring.

This week’s challenge is exactly that – start each day with a prayer, “God, show me how I can make someone’s day today.” And each person we encounter, let’s challenge ourselves to “Go ahead, make their day.”


Be the Men.