During trying times for the Church, it’s tempting to pull back – to go to Mass less, to stop giving to the Church, to stop volunteering our time, to get a little lax about striving to live a devout Christian life.

But, when our Church is hurting, it doesn’t need less of us – it needs more. More people willing to give more of themselves to God.

In the face of ugliness, we need men and women who will stare down the wretchedness, look honestly at ourselves and our Church, and fight for good.

And, that’s challenging. For many of us, we see a problem, and we want to fix it. But, the reality is that many of these problems in our Church are beyond our reach as individuals. Our influence at a worldwide level is very limited. But, that doesn’t mean we are powerless.

St Teresa of Calcutta famously said, “If you want to change the world, go home and love your family.

Our mission starts in our own hearts and homes. That’s where we need to give more of ourselves. Each and every day, laying down our lives for one another as Christ did.

That’s where it begins.


Be the Men,



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