Praying is difficult. No matter what or when, we can conjure up a million excuses as to why it’s okay to skip prayer this time. We’re tired, we’re busy, we can’t focus. Our ability to make excuses for prayer should tip you off that it’s probably something important.

And, it is important, for many reasons, but especially because we need grace.

If we live our lives with the goal of growing in holiness and getting to Heaven, then we must realize that we can’t do that alone.

We need help. But, we don’t get help just by default. If we want help, we need to ask for it!

Every day, if not constantly, we should be praying for God’s grace. We should be asking for help and intercession from Mary, from the Saints, from our Guardian angel.

We are only alone if we choose to be. Let that be our prayer, each and every day. Simply, ask for grace.


Be the Men,


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