From Sinner to Saint: 30 Day Transformation Program only 3 Payments of $99.95!

Hopefully, we all can get a little chuckle from the ridiculousness of that idea.

While fitness programs offer such promises as “30 Day Fat Loss,” “Six Pack Abs in Six Days,” and “Buns of Steel in 5 Minutes Per Day,” we know that’s not how our faith works (and that’s arguably not how the human body works).

But, the comparison of faith and fitness offers some insights for us. You certainly could expand on the metaphors a lot of different ways, but let’s focus on just one idea, and that’s progress.

In fitness, there are a lot of trackable metrics you can use to measure your progress – weight loss, mile time, bench press, etc. The faith life really doesn’t work like that. The goal is not to get your max up to 25 Rosaries per day. For us men, you could say the goal is to grow in virtue and grow closer to God. While the Rosary can absolutely help us reach this goal, it seems silly to measure progress like that.

Well, then how do we measure our progress? One way is to simply look how far we’ve come, no matter how far that is. Maybe 10 years ago, you didn’t believe in God.  Maybe 1 year ago, you were in a really dark place. Or, maybe 1 month ago you never would have taken the step to join something like Be the Men.

If it seems like we’re moving slow (if at all), It’s important to remind ourselves that while it’s hard to see at times, God is working in us. Progressing us on a path. It’s a journey, and it’s lifelong.

So, just remember how far we’ve come, keep our eyes on where we’re going, and keep trucking.


Be the Men.


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