In my professional work, I recently came across the topic of embracing a growth mindset. In this particular context, it means that we not only want to grow our business, increase customers, increase revenue, but we actually want to get better at doing what we do. 

There’s a parallel to our lives as Catholics. We don’t want to just pray daily, go to Mass, pray the Rosary, etc. but our hope is that we actually get better at doing these things. That our experience of Mass is not the same as it was when we were a teenager. That we don’t have the same bad habits that we did ten years ago. That our prayer life matures and grows over our life time. 

The big difference between growing in our work versus in our faith is that we rely on God to nurture the seeds of our spiritual life. We ourselves can’t make our own faith grow any more than we can actually make a plant grow. 

It’s beyond our power. But, what is within our power is to force God out. We ourselves can starve our spiritual lives, scorch the soil in which God works, and bar the gates. And, this is what we can’t let happen. 

We have our part to play –  nurturing our minds and souls with good books, quiet prayer time, getting to the Sacraments, etc. But, we also can’t forget to simply let God into our lives to do His work. 


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