One of my daughter’s favorite books is called the Clown of God, an Italian legend about a traveling juggler. The story ends with the juggler returning to his hometown. Just by chance it’s Christmas, and the whole town is processing to place their gifts before the statue of the Blessed Mother and her Child.

The Clown has nothing to offer, and then realizes that all his life he has made people smile and laugh by juggling, and this is the gift he can offer. The book reaches the climax as he’s juggling in front of this statue in an empty Church, and the Clown exclaims, “For you sweet Child, for you!

At random times, this line will pop into my head. During prayers, or while cleaning my kids’ food off the floor. We should be living our lives for the glory of God. With all we do, our actions, our decisions, our sacrifices, we should exclaim “for you sweet Child, for you!

In 33 Days to Morning Glory, there’s a passage by St. Teresa of Calcutta speaking about Christ, His suffering, and His thirst for souls: “…if you look at the cross, He has got His head bending down – He wants to kiss you – He has both hands open wide – He wants to embrace you.”

St. Teresa offers a beautiful new way of seeing the crucifix. And as I read this passage, picturing Christ hanging on the cross, yearning for us –  I couldn’t help but imagine him saying, “For you sweet child, for you.


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