Last night was our monthly Men’s group meeting. Once a month, a group of guys get together at someone’s house for some guy-time – we usually have drinks, listen to a talk, and then just chat.

The fruits from this group I’m sure are uncountable. But, I wanted to point out something that one of the guys said last night. It really sums up what we need as men in the Church today.

As we were wrapping up, Scott (shoutout) used the analogy of an aircraft carrier for our group.

Aircraft carriers aren’t meant to be lived on long-term. They’re essentially floating cities where pilots land, refuel, get information, rest, and then head out, back into the fight.

We need that in our lives. We need a safe place, a refuge, where we can come together with other men, find solid ground, share information, encourage each other, and head back into the fight.

The alternative is flying blind, running on empty, alone.


Be the Men,


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