This past week, I had a realization, or maybe a revelation, that I can’t love enough. Whether it’s my wife, or kids, or neighbor – I simply can’t love them enough. I think this is true for all of us. Another way to put it, we can only love finitely.

But, with that finite love, with whatever love we can muster – we can use it to bring the people we meet to experience infinite love. Something that we ourselves cannot offer, we can lead others to.

For our wives, maybe that means giving her time for quiet prayer or going to daily Mass.

For our kids, that’s being the spiritual leader and bringing our families to Mass, blessing them each day.

For our neighbor, that’s being a channel for the love of Christ.

We, ourselves, cannot love enough. But, we are blessed to know the source of infinite love. And, we can point the way for others.

It is our duty to bring others to that fount. And, for those we love, what greater gift is there?

Be the Men,


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