At least once before I’ve written about the movie Unbreakable, a ‘superhero’ movie from 2000 long before superhero movies became what they are today.

Of all the superhero origin stories, this one might be one of my more favorite because I think it’s the most realistic. The basic premise is this – if someone is born with a condition that makes their bones fragile like glass, might someone else exist whose bones are on the opposite end of the spectrum, whose bones are, dare I say, unbreakable (see what I did there). Interesting, right?

There’s a common theme with another movie (or movies), Star Wars. The Force in Star Wars is the “energy field created by all living things,” used for Good or for Bad; and like Unbreakable, the Force is always moving toward balance. The Dark Side grows, the Light Side rises to meet it, etc.

At first, the logic seems to make sense, we see a similar kind of equilibrium in Nature. But, what about when we take it to the Spiritual world?

In the struggle of Good versus Evil, there seems to be a ton of Evil right now. And using the logic of our cinematic universe, the Good must rise to meet it.

As Catholics, we believe that the Good will not only meet it, but exceed it. St. Paul tells us, “Where sin increased, grace overflowed all the more.” Romans 5:20

Notice it’s not:  “Where sin increased, grace increase the same amount.” Grace overflowed all the more, even more. And, this is where the movies lack something.

We do not put our faith in balance, but in God and His grace. We believe that in the end, it won’t be Good and Evil like the Yin and Yang, but that Christ will triumph and our Lady will crush the serpent’s head.

There are agents of Evil in our world. Let’s pray for the grace to be warriors for Christ and rise to meet it, and overcome it in His name.

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