Lent ended about a month and a half ago. And, for a lot of us (myself very much included), any good habits started during Lent, pretty much went out the window on Easter Sunday as soon as the priest said, “This Mass has ended.”

We need to regroup. We need to restart.

In this day and age, we’re constantly bombarded with stuff. Our time, minds, and stomachs are always full. And, when they’re not full, we try our damnedest to fill them with something – good or bad.

The irony is that in many ways, what we should be filling our time and minds with more, is nothing. We don’t need more to do or think about. What we need is to fill our lives with Silence.

We tend to be afraid of silence, or at the very least, it makes us uncomfortable. But, silence is a crucial element to our spiritual lives.

“From the moment he ceases to converse with his fellow men, man converses interiorly with himself about what preoccupies him most.” – The Three Ages of the Interior Life

It might sound silly, but we all know this is true. We talk to ourselves.  Everyone does this, or at least has the ability to. It’s called the Interior Life.

Okay, so why is that important? The interior life is where we can actually take a step back from our lives. Take a look at our lives from the outside or from the big picture. Being human, our perspective is a bit limited. My perspective of the world is exactly that MY perspective. I have no idea what it’s like in my wife’s mind, although I do wonder… Cultivating an interior life helps us move beyond our own limited view. It’s where we should grapple with big topics like Truth and Goodness. (I say should – because we all know we can spend a good ten minutes thinking about something stupid).

At least once every day, let’s actively choose to engage the silence. If you listen to the radio on drive, if you read books on the train, if you listen to music during your workouts… embrace the silence. But, be aware of how the silence makes you feel, and what you think about. Some of us may be surprised by “what preoccupies us most.

Be the Men.

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