One of the greatest favors God can bestow on a soul in this life is to give it to understand clearly and to sense manifestly that He cannot be entirely known or sensed.” St. John of the Cross

In other words, one of the greatest graces is knowing that God cannot be entirely known. 

God is infinitely perfect. He is infinitely good, true, and beautiful. When we fight against God, work against Him, or pit our will against His, we must understand what we are trying to do. There isn’t a metaphor out there that accurately captures the limitations of our humanity in contrast to the infinity of God. The difference is exactly that, infinite. 

But where does that leave us? What do we do with the knowledge that we are nothing and God is infinitely immense?

It leaves us with one of the Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit: Fear of the Lord. And, when we hear this, we shouldn’t think of cowering in fear, hiding from God. A Holy Fear of the Lord is knowing our rightful place in relation to God. It’s a gift to know that we are nothing, thus turning to Him in praise, adoration, thanksgiving, and atonement. 

The fear of the Lord is glory and exultation, gladness and a festive crown. The fear of the Lord rejoices the heart, giving gladness, joy, and long life. Those who fear the Lord will be happy at the end, even on the day of death they will be blessed.” Sirach 1:11-13

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