Today’s post is a bit of a confession…

I love family breakfast.

Most mornings, I come home from Mass and my wife and I make a feast of eggs, avocado, fruit, and coffee. It’s one of my favorite things. We get to spend time together before the real craziness of the day sets in.

But, this isn’t the real confession I have to make. My confession is this:

On my way home from Mass there’s always a moment right after I get psyched for the meal to come. In this moment, I start to wonder – is my wife going to be ready for Mass? 

We have a small window for both of us to get to Mass before the kids get crazy and I have to work.

This is a confession because part of me selfishly hopes she isn’t ready – so that we can enjoy family breakfast together. So, that I won’t have to handle both kids, make them breakfast, and eat my own while she’s gone.

And, in the face of this selfishness (because that’s what it is), I must remind myself that there’s something more here –  the chance for my wife to encounter and receive Christ.

The greatest gift I can give her is not something she receives from me, it’s simply letting her go to receive Him.

Who am I to receive the gift of my bride to then keep her for myself, away from Christ?

Who are we to receive such gifts and blessings and not offer them back to our Creator and Savior?


Be the Men,



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