I am fortunate and blessed to be the father of two kids. Of course, when they’re yours, everything about them is adorable, but one of the most strikingly beautiful things about little kids, especially babies, is their eyes.

For one, their eyes seem huge. Fun fact, eyeballs don’t grow much (if at all) during your lifetime.

And two, what’s striking is the color of their eyes. Yes, they’re either blue, brown, or green etc. But, they have the purest white you’ll ever see.

They haven’t been stained yellow, or bloodshot, or damaged by the sun or wind or dirt.

They haven’t been exposed to what adult eyes have been exposed to – in more ways than one.

There is a level of innocence that we could only wish to get back. As grown men, most of us have seen a lot, you could argue we’ve seen too much and what we’ve seen can be haunting.

Haunting? What else would you call memories, experiences, and images that pop up at random times, that are next to impossible to expunge from our minds?

A priest once told a story, a parable of sorts, about a young family that was offered the home of their dreams for free under one condition: There were pornographic images hanging on the walls all through the house, and they could not be taken down. Certainly, not the place to raise kids. What could they do?

Hang pictures over the pornographic images on the walls. Hang pictures that uplift and that point to the good, the true, and the beautiful.

We need to do the same in ourselves. Many of us have seen too much, and those memories, experiences, images, can’t be erased, but they can be replaced.


Be the Men.

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