Everyone loves a good story. And this week, we celebrate the story of all stories. Because we’ve heard the story before, there are two ways to approach Holy Week. One, let it be a week just like any other, coasting through, dreading Mass on Sunday because getting out of the parking lot will take forever.

Or, option number 2, enter the story. Like a great book or movie, rereading or rewatching we often see things we didn’t see before. It can affect us differently because the story might not have changed, but we have.

What it comes down to is really this: Are we going to passively drift through this week, or actively engage?   

Whether we like it or not, this story is our story too.

We are the ones who praise Christ one moment, and yell ‘Crucify him’ the next. We hang on his every word and then mock him. We turn our backs on the one we love, we sin against Him. And still, Jesus suffers and dies to bear our burdens, to take away our sins, to save us.

So, this week, let’s enter the story. If you can, celebrate the whole Easter Triduum: Holy Thursday Mass, Good Friday, and Easter. At the very least, you can follow along with the daily readings. (Visit the USCCB website for the readings).

Don’t let this week just be another week. Don’t back out now. Finish the journey we started in Lent. Walk with Christ.

Be the Men.

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