There are certain things in life that we’re okay with just getting by – with simply passing. Take a driver’s license test for example.

You don’t get a special license if you get a perfect score on your driver’s test. You still get a normal driver’s license just like the guy who was only one wrong question away from failing. It’s Pass-Fail. Passing is winning.

This life is a test with a Final exam. And, while in many ways – it is Pass-Fail. The end result is literally All or Nothing. (I use ‘literally’ in a literal sense here). Simply getting to Heaven is the goal.

And while we will be eternally happy to be ‘just good enough’ to get to Heaven, that’s not how we should approach this life. We’re not aiming to just barely sneak into Heaven.

Why? One, because God doesn’t ask for our love to be ‘just enough’ – He asks us to love Him totally, completely, without holding back.

Second, what’s at risk if we fail? Whereas if you fail your driver’s test, you’d have to wait some time, and then you can take it again. Failing the entrance exam to Heaven is called Hell.

So, how are we preparing for this Final exam? Are we living life to be a ‘good person’ or to be a Saint, a champion of Christ?

Don’t just aim to pass. “Be perfect, just as your heavenly Father is perfect.” Mt 5:48

Be the Men.

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