I just finished reading Smoke of Satan, If you want to get a feel for the state of the Church and a recap on the past 18 months+, check it out. 

After laying out many of the Church’s issues, the author outlines what we as laity can be do. One of his points really stuck out to me. It’s based on an article released in Russia decades ago, but it still applies to us today: Live not the lies. 

For us today, Catholics living in America,  that means a few things. It means that we must recognize that we deserve the truth and then demand the truth. The past 18 months (if not longer) have left many unanswered questions for the faithful. And, it seems instead of answering those questions, many in the Church are simply waiting for it all to fade into the background unnoticed. We can’t let this happen.

The same is true for our society at large. In the past 15 years, we’ve seen slow prodding and pushing toward universal acceptance of untruths. We’re asked to be ‘tolerant’ of all ideas and opinions, regardless if they’re false and harmful. It’s a lie and we can’t stand by in the name of political correctness.

And, what we’re talking about here isn’t that crazy – it’s simply letting the truth penetrate our lives and not sitting on the sidelines as untruths, falsehoods, and lies are spread in our country and our Church. 

Let us live lives of truth. Let us demand it of ourselves, and of others. Don’t let lies go unchecked. Don’t live lies.

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