At our last men’s group meeting, the topic of discussion turned toward the daily Rosary. Most of us understand the importance of the Rosary, but in practice, it’s tough. 

It’s all too easy to say, “I’m going to start praying the Rosary every day.” And then, when you fail once, twice, etc. You beat yourself up. The result is that you start saying things like, “The Rosary is not for me,” or “I’m not good at praying the Rosary,” or “I don’t have time to pray the Rosary.” 

Well, I’ve found, and others in our group as well, that it helps to start a bit slower. Here are three recommendations for anyone who wants to or is struggling to make the Rosary a daily part of their lives. 

1. Listen to the Rosary. On YouTube, iTunes, Spotify, you can find recordings of the Rosary that you can listen to (and say the responses!). Sometimes, this helps take the burden off you alone for what prayers to say, what the mysteries are, etc. Plus you feel like your praying in a group. Throw it on during our drive or a walk. Which leads to…

2. Pray when you can. There are times when you can say the full Rosary in peaceful and quiet chapel, and other times when you’re exhausted, the baby’s crying, work’s insane, and you forgot to eat lunch… again. Sometimes, it’s easier to pray two decades in the car, another decade on a walk, and two more before bed. The alternative is the trap of thinking it’s not perfect so you shouldn’t do it. 

3. Start with Divine Mercy. If you’re having a really hard time developing the habit of daily prayer or the full Rosary is too daunting – maybe start with the Divine Mercy Chaplet. It’s short, and could help train your mind and body in preparation for the Rosary. But remember – don’t give up on the Rosary. 

Devotion to a daily Rosary takes time. Don’t get discouraged. Don’t beat yourself up. Build consistency. 

It may take a year to develop the discipline, but the result is a devotion to last a lifetime. 

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