We are creatures of habit. Succeeding in work, exercise, eating right, prayer, etc is much easier when it’s routine. Unfortunately, this routine bites us when it comes to sin.

So often, I find myself repeating the same sins in the confessional. It’s frustrating and discouraging.

But, when it comes to sin, it’s not only forgiveness and absolution that we seek, it’s healing.

Reconciliation is exactly that – reconciling ourselves with God. It’s not just wiping away the sinful dirt and grime on our souls. It’s a chance to re-right our course.

A fresh start is in itself an amazing gift. But, so often we leave it at that. Good for now, and in a matter of time, we’re overcome by the same temptations.

Something has to give. Confessing our sins also requires repentance, a changing of our ways. Not just cleaning up the old man, but letting him die so the new man can emerge.

It’s not an easy road, but by the grace of God, we can be healed.


Be the Men,


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