All of us are called to lead in one way or another. In our own lives, who is it that we’re leading? Who’s depending on us? Who’s counting on us? 

For myself, and for many of you, it’s our families. Kids are truly dependent. Even just considering the basics, they need a lot. Then when you factor in what they need to not only survive but to thrive and grow into adults with character, it’s a steep uphill battle. 

Especially with kids, but even in other relationships with friends, coworkers, or other members of the community, we often find ourselves coming up short – the people in our lives need more than we ourselves can give. 

When there’s this deficit in what we need to give and what we can give, the next question is – how can we make up the difference? Or, who are we depending on? 

As adults and especially as men, this is hard to admit – that we ourselves aren’t enough. But in order to live the lives we’re called to, to do God’s will, and to lead those who are counting on us, we must find a source of strength and grace. And, there’s only one that will suffice – God Himself. 

We must learn to turn to God each and every day. Make him the foundation of our daily lives. Offer Him the first fruits of each morning. Let our prayer lives become that source from which all love and goodness springs forth into our lives and our relationships. 

People are counting on us.

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