Life is fleeting. You can find dozens of quotes stating this point.

Moments come and go. Lost forever.

In our daily lives, how often do we miss precious moments, for the sake of something insignificant.

A few days ago, I had this experience.

I was beat from the work day, and just wanted to sit down and read a magazine. I don’t do it often, so I thought, might as well. Meanwhile, my daughter was playing on the floor in front of me.

Between taking peaks above my magazine, I thought to myself – what the heck am I doing?

That magazine will be there tonight at 8pm when she’s in bed, or over the weekend, when she’s napping, or 20 years from now when she moves out. But, the simple experience of watching my daughter play won’t be.

How often do we get caught up in an article, or a show, or a movie, or just being head down in our phone and miss those moments right in front of us?

And, it’s not just those moments with our kids. What about the times when we enjoy the sunset looking through the camera on our phone. Or, catch up with friends via text, while another friend is flesh and blood right in front of us.

The question we must ask ourselves is – what’s going to be there later?

That To-Do list will be there tomorrow. That movie will still be on Netflix. That article still online.

But tomorrow, that sunset won’t be the same. Next year, our friends might move away. Down the road, our kids will grow up and move out.

We become so blinded to the things that matter most. The joys of life. The beauty of nature. The comfort of a friend’s company. The delights of watching our kids play.


Be the Men.

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