As a Christmas gift, our parish handed out copies of a new book by Matthew Kelly, ‘The Biggest Lie in Christianity.”

Yesterday, I had a free moment, so I opened the book and read the introduction. On page 4, Kelly writes:

“We seem constantly obsessed with things we have no influence over, rather than focusing on where we can have most impact, which is with our own thoughts, words, and actions. It is our own thoughts, words, and actions that are at the epicenter of our circle of influence.”

How profoundly true! How often do we become consumed by issues and problems that are a thousand miles away, and we miss what’s right in front of us. We obsess over all of the things our wife, kids, or coworkers do wrong, and overlook our own faults. We look outward before looking inward.

And, not only that, but by looking inward, we can dramatically change ourselves. We can grow in virtue, in holiness. And, by doing that – our circle of influence actually increases.

The desire to do great things starts with our own thoughts, words, and actions.

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