So, quick story. Back in December, my brother gave me a Yeti travel mug (very nice and pretty expensive). He got it for free, I said I’d take it to see if my wife wanted it because I wasn’t interested. Not thinking anything of it, I gave it to her – two weeks before her birthday and Christmas. She was over the moon excited about it, and needless to say, it’s her favorite thing ever. (Face-palm).

Now of course, she still received the mug and loves it, but it eats at me that I nonchalantly treated it like a hand-me-down, instead of like a gift. Yes, this is a silly example (one that I shouldn’t still think about), but it illustrates my point…

There’s nothing worse than a missed opportunity.

Opportunities come and go, and when we watch them pass from the sidelines, it stings. Why? Because those opportunities are how we change and grow. We can’t become more patient unless we have the opportunity to test our patience, right?

But, we have to have our eyes open to those moments, for those chances to grow in virtue. And, when we see them coming in belt high at 70 mph, swing for the fences. No one wants to be caught looking.

Be the Men.

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