So I recently was flipping through one of those little prayer booklets that you seem to just collect over the years. In this particular booklet toward the back, there’s a quote from John Henry Newman titled “Catholic Loyalty.”

It’s an interesting way of putting it: are we loyal to the Catholic Church? If our loyalty has survived the trials of the past 50 years, it is certainly being tested even more so today.

If we find our loyalty in question due to doubt, confusion, or scandal, let’s remember that the Catholic Church is not only a human institution. The Church is not just the men and women who are alive today and call themselves Catholic. The Church, the Body of Christ, is also divine And, there are more members in Heaven than on Earth. It is because of their loyalty that the Church has survived. Now, it is our loyalty that will preserve her for generations to come.

“Recollect what a hard task she has; how she is sure to be criticized and spoken against whatever she does; recollect how much she needs your loyal tender devotion; recollect, too, how long the experience gained over so many centuries, and what right she has to claim your assent to principles which have had so extended and triumphant a trial. Thank her that she has kept the faith safe for so many generations and do your part in helping her transmit it to generations after you.”

Don’t abandon her and let the darkness win.

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