Body language is something that we probably don’t think twice about. It’s just part of our human instinct or senses – we can often tell someone’s mood simply by looking at them.

When it comes to our faith, we can’t forget this truth that we are more than just souls – we are bodies too. Body and soul, as created by God.

But, when we go to Mass or pray, we often focus solely on the soul. And of course, we should be focusing on shaping our souls, but we can’t about forget the body. Our bodily actions can be prayerful.

In fact, when you think of the Mass, you can see that it has built in actions of the body – genuflecting, bowing, kneeling, etc. These movements reflect our inner desires and affections – showing respect to God, humbling ourselves before Him, etc.

So in Mass, or in front of the Blessed Sacrament, we must be mindful of this. Be intentional and deliberate with our actions. Don’t just do a half squat, quick sign of the cross, then slide into your pew. Be reverent, let your body speak and pray.

And also, use the body to aid the soul. If your thoughts wander in Mass, fight the distraction by first controlling your body. Take your head off the swivel. Bow, close your eyes. Quiet your body to quiet your soul.


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