There is an infinite gap between God and us, between Heaven and Earth. But, there are special ‘places’ where that gap is infinitely small – namely, the Sacraments.

One of my favorite descriptions of the Sacraments is that they are where Heaven and Earth kiss, where the gap is bridged.

At several points in the Mass, we make note of this closeness to Heaven.

Before the consecration, the priest says, “And so, with Angels and Archangels, with Thrones and Dominions, and with all the hosts and Powers of heaven, we sing the hymn of your glory, as without end we acclaim: Holy, Holy, Holy Lord God of hosts…”

We sing the praises of God, not just as the Church community on earth, but with the Angels in Heaven, with the Communion of Saints. We celebrate the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass on Earth, and with Heaven.

And, it’s good to keep this in mind when we’re in Mass. No, the Saints aren’t watching over us, condemning us for slouching, or being distracted, or not paying attention. They’re partaking with us. They’re encouraging us. They are our guides, our role models.

As St. Paul puts it, they have run the race, and won the imperishable crown. We should pray to them and call on them.

And, at Mass, we should truly rejoice and celebrate with all of our Brothers and Sisters in Christ, both on Earth and in Heaven.

Be the Men.

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