One of the lines from last week that stuck out to me is incredibly simple and profound: Love beyond fear. 

That’s the challenge, isn’t it? To love God beyond fear. Almost every obstacle to loving God can be boiled down to fear. But, what are we afraid of?

Last week, we saw the fear in Jesus’ followers. And, in many ways, it’s easy to understand their fear. The One they believed would save them was tortured and crucified. Fear and other emotions were undoubtedly running high as their hope dwindled.

We sympathize and enter into that fear, but – and this is a big but – we know what happens next. 

The Lord’s Passion, the pinnacle of Salvation history, is the tipping point for our fear. One moment, our hope hangs by a thread, and the next overwhelming joy radiates from the resurrection.

We are blessed to live post-resurrection. Where the apostles didn’t yet understand Christ’s words, we can experience His words in light of His resurrection.

Let us choose to love beyond fear. To love in the face of criticism, humiliation, persecution. We know the truth. The tomb was empty. Be not afraid. 

Be the Men.