Maybe it’s a guy thing or maybe it’s pride, but often times once we learn how to do something a little bit, we usually stop learning, and simply start doing. 

For example, think back to when you “learned” how to do a pushup. Do you even remember? Have you ever considered that you’ve been doing it wrong for years, maybe even decades? If not “wrong,” maybe you could be doing them better. And, the thought of “relearning” how to do a push almost sounds ridiculous. “Of course, I know how to do a pushup!”

There’s a similar phenomenon that can happen with prayer. Whether we started with a solid foundation or not, we can drift and develop habits that stifle our prayer life. If we find ourselves struggling in prayer, it may be time to return to the basics. 

In one article in this month’s issue of Summons, we highlight exactly that. How you can refocus your prayer by returning to the basics and firming up that foundation. 

In prayer, it often comes back to recognizing what’s in our control. How can we consistently show up to prayer each and everyday in the right state of mind (and body). 

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