All of us have triggers. Things that cause us to sin or send us backsliding.

What are the triggers in our lives? We know what they are.

A show or movie? Browsing Facebook debates? Surfing the web a little too late at night? A certain group of friends?

Friends – that’s a tough one.

Most of us at some point in our lives (maybe even still) surround ourselves with people who aren’t good for us. Bad company.

Once you start down the journey of faith (or just getting your life together in general), it’s hard to be reminded of your previous ways.

Sometimes, we convince ourselves that as we change and grow, we’ll be a good influence on our friends.

Yes, that can happen, but it takes a lot. It takes asking our friends to change their ways, to sin no more. Judge actions for what they are – bad. It’s a lot easier to keep quiet.

A simple assessment of your friends is “do they make me better?”

Maybe you aren’t surrounded by people who bring you down – but are you surrounded by people who bring you up? Who do make you better.

It takes effort, but it might be time to make some new friends.

Be the Men.

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