Evangelization can be intimidating.. We think of preaching the Gospel in the mission fields, or standing on the street corner converting souls.

But, St. John Paul the Great reminds us: “The future of evangelization depends in great part on the Church of the home.”

Evangelization starts with the domestic Church, the family. It starts with marriages grounded in faith. With spouses that will lead each other closer to Christ. It’s sharing our faith with our children. It’s teaching them, letting them witness our faith. It’s letting them see us go to Mass and Confession, admitting our faults, and humbling ourselves. It’s living our faith with those around us. Walking with them. Having the humility to say, “I don’t know the answer, but let me get back to you.”

We don’t need to complicate it. But, it’s also something that we can’t ‘phone in.’ We must be intentional in our own faith lives, but also in how we are leading our domestic Church.

Evangelization is not something that only happens ‘out there.’ It’s happening right here and now, for all of us.


Be the Men,


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