It’s hard to beat Summer. The weather is warm, the days are long, kids are out of school, it’s often time for family vacation. But, I’ve also noticed that for me, Summer is a time when my spiritual life gets a little lax. After all, it only takes a week long vacation to completely throw off your sleep schedule, your nutrition, and also your prayer life. As a result, we drift from those habits we worked so hard to form. 

In terms of getting back up on that spiritual horse, the solution, or at least the first step, is going back to the source. When we drift, when we feel a bit of a distance from God, we should return to the Sacraments, maintain a life of prayer, keep up with our devotions like the Rosary. 

Of course, God’s grace can reach us any time and any place. But, God loves us so much that He gave us the freedom and power to reject that grace. So, what makes the difference is our response to His grace in our lives. 

By going back to the source – the Eucharist, Confession, prayer, devotions – we place ourselves directly in the path of grace. And, the one response that each of us can make to that grace is to come back for more. 

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