Last week, I wrote about the Church as the Bark of Peter. Today, I want to talk about another metaphor – that of life on earth as ascending the mountain to God, an idea that several saints have written about.

The metaphor goes a little something like this: because of the fall of man, we are born at the base of a mountain. And, at the top of the mountain is the Beatific Vision, eternity with God in Heaven.

But this mountain is not one that can be ascended by our own power and will. Even the route up is not something that we simply make up as we go. We need a guide, we need help, and we need grace. God offers that help through our guardian angels, the Saints, and the Blessed Virgin. They can guide us past treacherous terrain, or throw us a rope, or intercede on our behalf. But, not only that, God takes it further: He sends us His son.

During Christmas, we celebrate Christ descending the mountain to re-ascend with us. He comes to us, to show us the way, to guide us, to climb with us.

Let’s rejoice in Him who was sent for us.

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