Time for a little self reflective reality check – have we ever been mid conversation with someone in person, when a text message or email instantly derails the conversation and takes over our focus? Even if we don’t remember ourselves doing this, I’m sure we’ve seen other people do it.

Or, here’s another classic scenario nowadays – you go out to eat at a restaurant and see a group of friends, or a couple, or a family, and everyone’s looking at their phone! No one’s talking and if they are, the conversation stops if the phone buzzes, as if something better came along.

It’s the irony of our ‘connectedness.’ As a culture, we are more ‘connected’ than ever, yet we don’t talk to the people right in front of us. Our culture undervalues in-person conversations.

But, it’s those conversations that are so powerful, that can create friendships, and strengthen relationships.

If this cultural phenomena is something that bothers us – let’s start doing something about it. Let’s start practicing being present to the people right in front of us. Smile at a stranger, have small talk with someone, and most importantly – have real conversations with friends and family. Uninterrupted, relationship building conversations.

Let’s stop living life through little screens and start living in the real world.


Be the Men.

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