Every decision we make, big or small, is not just a decision to do or not to do that one thing. It’s a trade-off. Saying yes to one thing, inevitably means we are saying no to another. 

This simple truth is one that we should keep in mind, especially when it comes to the things that are important to us: namely, our faith and our relationships.

If we struggle developing a prayer life, ask ourselves – what are we choosing instead of prayer? Is it sleeping in? Watching NetFlix? Where is the trade-off?

If our marriage or relationships are suffering, what are we choosing instead of spending time with loved ones? Is it working late? Scrolling through social media feeds? Are we physically present but mentally absent, thinking about work?

Another very clear example is if we are missing Mass. What are we placing above the source and summit of the faith? Why are we ignoring a crystal clear obligation as Catholics? What’s the trade-off?

The things that are important to us, or that we claim are important, need to take priority. That sometimes mean saying no to things that might not even be ‘bad.’ It’s all a trade-off, and if we’re not aware of what we’re trading, we’re going to end up making some bad deals.

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