A few years ago, I came across a video about a family who lost their father. If I remember correctly, the story goes something like this.

All the kids were grown and out of the house except for one – a son with Down Syndrome. The son fell into some kind of drainage pit on their property and couldn’t get out. The father climbed in, and held the son above water until help came, but the father drowned doing so.

That father is a hero and an example to us all.

As men, as leaders, as fathers and husbands, we’re called to hold others up, especially our families.

Not necessarily in the literal, physical sense, but spiritually, emotionally. We’re called to look past ourselves, to think of others first, to be strength for those around us. We’re called to sacrifice.

And sacrifice hurts. It’s hard. By definition, we’re giving something up, laying something down.

But, it’s that kind of love, laying down one’s life for another, that will transform our communities, our Church, and the world.


Be the Men,



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