Jesus’ words echo through the centuries, “I am a way, an opinion, and a lifestyle.”

Obviously, I’m kidding. Christ didn’t claim to be ‘a way, an opinion, and a lifestyle,’ He claimed to be “THE way, THE truth, and THE life.”

Today, enemies of the Church try to push off Christianity as a feel good way of thinking, that might work for you, but not for me.

But, Christianity isn’t just some set of ideas. It’s the way to discover the deepest meaning in life. It helps us understand our place in the world, and our place in the world to come. It’s not just way, but THE way to eternal life.

As disciples, we follow the discipline of the Master. We live according to our Master’s teachings, we strive to live as He lived.

And this highlights an important part of our calling to be followers of Christ – we aren’t called to just talk about God. We are called to live like Christ. To be an example to others even if they don’t understand the theology of it all.

In the early Church, amidst Roman persecution, it wasn’t just the Church’s teaching that converted people. It was witnessing the Christian way of life. It was seeing Christians walk to their death in joy and love for each other and for their enemies. They knew for whom they lived and for whom they’d die.

It’s that kind of hope and faith that converted the world then, and what is needed now.

Be the Men.

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