Happy New Year!

A new year presents us with a unique opportunity to turn over a new leaf. But it doesn’t just happen. At the risk of this email sounding like a pep talk – we need to have a plan.

Fortunately, our plan doesn’t have to be complicated. No matter what resolutions we have for 2018, let’s simplify – this year, don’t waste time.

We are given a limited, definite amount of time. We can’t stop it or get it back – it’s a continual flow that we experience for our lives. Despite how much we think we know about time, most of us don’t fully comprehend it and end up wasting it.

Sure, we can ballpark the time of day, or estimate how much time has passed, but we can’t see the big picture.

Here’s an example – the average American will spend 15 years of their lives watching TV. That’s like working a second full time job! Either we don’t have a good understanding of time, or we are willingly choosing to waste time. In either case, let’s change course.

So, the challenge this week, and for 2018, is to stop wasting time. Every moment is a gift from God. And, you get what you get. Don’t waste it on stupid things.

At the end of our lives, I doubt any of us are going to say, I wish I watched more TV, or surfed the internet more. But, time with family, friends, in prayer, doing good in the world – that’s something we’d wish for more of.


Be the Men.