The other day I came across a prayer by St Catherine of Siena.

“Sanctify these Your servants, O eternal God, that they may follow You alone, in simplicity of heart and with a perfect will.”

The phrase, simplicity of heart, really stuck out to me. What’s that even mean?

Well, in a complicated heart love is split. The complicated heart is a web of affection that’s hard to make sense of. It has many loves.

Contrasted with a simple heart. A heart with only one love, God. How great is the beauty of a simple heart.

In a world of more, more, more, St. Catherine’s words call us to less. Not more things to love, but one thing to love more.

As the saying goes, we have a God shaped hole in our hearts. A hole only God can fill. Only one possible piece to the puzzle. Our hearts aren’t meant to be complicated.

A simple heart yearns for God and yearns to love him more fully. And it’s through that love, that we can truly love our family, our friends, our neighbor, even our enemies.

Lord, grant me a simple heart.


Be the Men.

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