It’s easy to fall into the trap today of being a passive consumer in the Church. Going to Mass once a week and being a spectator, watching from the sidelines.

But, we are not spectators. We are participants, we are disciples, we are missionaries.

Whether we see ourselves in this light or not, the Church has a mission –  a call to continue the work of Christ and to bring others to Him.

What’s our role in this mission? How do we fit in?

Some of us have already answered the vocational call to the priesthood or married life, but vocation in many ways sets the stage for our action in the Church. So, then – what action are we taking? What are we actually doing? How are we contributing to the Church’s mission?

We may be called to play a big role or a small one, but no matter what, we must realize that we do have a role to play.

Take some time today – how are we contributing to the work of the Church? How are we being called to carry out its mission? Are we spectators or contributors?

Be the Men.